WESHOT Apple Watch Band, Silicone Soft Replacement Watch Band Strap For Apple Watch Sport Edition 38/42MM S/M M/L (Black, 38MM M/L)
WESHOT Apple Watch Band, Silicone Soft Replacement Watch Band Strap For Apple Watch Sport Edition 38/42MM S/M M/L (Black, 38MM M/L)
Manufacturer : WESHOT
Amazon Price : $7.99
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Product Description
Soft silicone replacement band for Apple watch, smooth finish for a sporty look comfortable and durable.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #52172 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Size: 38MM M/L
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: WESHOT
  • Product Features
  • Personalize your Apple Watch with this sporty strap
  • Adopt fluoroelastomer. Sturdy, soft, resistant dirty and durable. An innovative pin-and-tuck closure ensures a clean fit.
  • Easy install and one button removal
  • Designed Specifically for Apple Watch / Watch Sport / Watch Edition 2015 Release Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Customer Reviews

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    5... skeptical about getting this band because I have had bad experiences in the past with third party Apple Watch ...
    By AMZ12g
    I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about getting this band because I have had bad experiences in the past with third party Apple Watch bands. However, for $5.99 (I have the first edition, 38 MM watch), I just could not pass it up. After using this band daily for a few days now, I am beyond happy I decided to purchase this band as it turned out to be my favorite band and now serves as my everyday band.

    Here are my thoughts about this band relative to my original apple watch sport band and other third party bands I have used:

    - Quality: The quality is what really impressed me about this band. It is essentially identical to the original apple band and the quality is just as good. It is lightweight but not flimsy and has a nice, vibrant midnight blue color. I had a black third party sport band from another company and after just a few days, the black looked dull and would pick up the color/cotton from my clothes, so I could not stand it and stopped using it after a few days. Thankfully, that is not the case with this band! It not only looks amazing, but also feels great on my wrist.
    - Price: For $5.99, you really cannot beat it! It is just as good as my original apple band, for a fraction of the price! Original apple bands sell for $49, so I would prefer to pay $5.99 for a comparable band ANY DAY!
    - Metal button closure: Okay this is probably the best part of this band! My skin is VERY sensitive when it comes to fake/poor quality metals. With my original apple band, I never had an issue with rashes or anything with the button. However, with the third part black band I got from another company, I started to develop a red rash right where the button enclosure was. So, not only was it dull looking but the bad quality metal was causing a nasty rash on my wrist. Needless to say, I was EXTREMELY disappointed and upset with that company’s product. With my Weshot band, thankfully, I have not had this issue at all so I am a very happy camper!
    - Rubber: Because of the superior quality of the rubber band, even when I sweat, the sweat is not excessive and I can easily wipe it off. The quality of the rubber makes a HUGE difference! It makes the band comfortable and I am not having to constantly wipe the sweat for my wrist because it does not cause excessive sweating.
    - Fit: This was my second biggest concern with a third party band. I know a lot of times the cutout is not perfectly consistent with the watch itself and therefore the band either sticks out or does not fit the cutout of the watch itself. This band has a perfect fit and does not stick out at all.

    So far, I really have not had any negative experiences with this band at all. The quality is great and it fits my 38 MM watch perfectly.

    Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. I love the quality of the band and the fact that it really is just as good as my original apple band. The combination of my yellow gold watch face with the midnight blue band is gorgeous, and this has become my primary band. I will definitely be a returning customer! :)

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    3Pretty good band for the apple watch
    By Carina
    I like the band, but it has some issues. Overall, I would buy it again, and the price is certainly right!

    - Great for active use
    - Great color
    - Sweat resistant
    - Easy to clean
    - Easy to swap out bands on the apple watch
    - Feels secure once on my wrist

    - Really difficult to fasten. The silicon is less flexible than the original apple silicon bands, so it takes several minutes to put my watch on every morning
    - Sizing is awkward. I think the holes are slightly different than the original apple bands because I can't seem to find the right size. As it is, I wear the band slightly too tight so It makes good wrist contact, but I always have marks from the band when I take if off at night.

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    3I did not take out of the package and returned ...
    By Susie P
    I did not take out of the package and returned. The color was not as expected. I ordered "antique white" expecting more of a vanilla or off white. But what I received is identical to the "stone" band (more of a beige/grey color) that I already had (purchased from Apple).

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