Apple Watch Case, Monoy Apple Watch 42mm Case Slim Premium Transparent Super Lightweight / Exact Fit / Plastic Cover Snap On Hard Protective Case for Apple Watch 42mm (2015) (PC Hard Grey)
Apple Watch Case, Monoy Apple Watch 42mm Case Slim Premium Transparent Super Lightweight / Exact Fit / Plastic Cover Snap On Hard Protective Case for Apple Watch 42mm (2015) (PC Hard Grey)
Manufacturer : Monoy®
Amazon Price : $4.99
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Product Description
The hard case for the Apple Watch is made of a flexible yet durable clear PC for a secure fit that exhibits the watch's true colors. It measures 0.5mm in thickness, adding only a negligible amount of weight. Wristbands can be easily swapped with this case on, making it the obvious choice in clear protection that's practical and convenient.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #17880 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: PC Hard Grey
  • Brand: Monoy®
  • Model: 3300137
  • Product Features
  • Made from PC Hard Plastic that resists dirt and stains
  • Delivers instant all around protection from scratches and minor dents.
  • This Cover is designed to offer external surface protection to your watch without compromising usability
  • Complete access to all functions of the watch without having to remove the case Extremely tough, durable case molds perfectly to your watch shape.
  • Accessory ONLY, Phone is not included.
  • Customer Reviews

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    1Some design problems AND vendor tries to manipulate ratings
    By K. Kozlowski
    This is a cheap piece of plastic that's shaped like the watch itself. It is pretty easy to put on by first wrapping the plastic cover around the crown and then flexing the other side to grab around the front of the watch. It is also easy to bend the plastic clips/flaps when putting it on, especially the two smaller sections on the top and bottom. They do not break off easily, as the plastic has some flexibility to it, but they do crease and at that point the case does not stay on as well.

    The plastic looks like it would do a reasonable job of protecting the watch from scratches, but there are several major problems with the design. There is an air gap between the inside of the screen protector and the screen of the watch. This gap reduces the accuracy and detection of screen presses.

    The gap also traps moisture. As a result, the case cannot be used effectively while working out. Once moisture exists between the screen and the protector, interacting with the touch screen becomes almost impossible. It is also possible for dirt (including small abrasives like bits of soil and sand) to get stuck between the cover and the watch, causing damage to occur.

    UPDATE: This was originally a two-star review, but I'm reducing it to one star because the vendor has now contacted me multiple times and offered to compensate me in exchange for removing my review. If you want better reviews, make better products!

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    5Gray snap on case! Love it.
    By Malochico1
    I have space gray sports apple watch. Went ahead and ordered the gray thin snap on case. For $7.99 I wasn't expecting much but now after few days of using it, I love it.
    1. If you have space gray watch, be sure to order the gray snap on case instead of regular one. It blends right in and hard to even tell that it's on.
    2. Everything works great including the force touch.
    3. Clean the watch before putting this case on to avoid any lint.

    If you are debating on getting something to protect your watch, I recommend getting this case. It's as minimal as you can get, it doesn't take away from the watch and protects the entire screen and the bezel.

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    3Decent protection at a decent price but not without flaws.
    By Carrbone
    I bought this case because it actually covers the front and sides of the Apple Watch... the two most vulnerable surfaces to have potential scratches. Upon receiving the product I noticed how thin and semi-flexible the material was. I assumed it would have been thicker and more substantial but if a product works, I wouldn't mind.

    Positives: This product does cover the front face and sides of the Apple Watch, helping to prevent scratches. The product is non-obtrusive and even the version I bought (PC Hard Grey)... albeit tinted... did not make the screen more difficult to read or any darker. The product looks good on the watch and doesn't detract from the watch itself.

    Negatives: My first complaint is that the material is so thin that I honestly feel like it should cost a few dollars less. I often judge a product by the materials it is made from and honestly I can't see this costing more than a few cents to make. Put onto market I feel the sweet spot should be $3-5 USD. Aside from that, the fit is snug, but the cover HAS come off 3 times in the two days I have owned it by accidentally brushing against something or knocking it the wrong way, so I would have loved to see a tighter fit around the Apple Watch. Lastly... and this has to be my biggest complaint... is that moisture can collect between the case and the Apple Watch screen. I wash my hands frequently and almost always have to take off the case to dry it and my watch to remove the moisture. I have also found that on certain intense workouts, sweat can produce the same results.

    All in all, I am happy to have a frontal screen protection on my Apple Watch, but the product is not perfect and I would have been happier or more complacent with the flaws had I spent less money. Protection is good, but taking off the case every time I wash my hands is a pain.

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