IMACWEAR M8 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera Heart Rate Support SIM TF Card for Android Phones (Silver)
Product Description

Two Working Mode:
Bluetoothmate Mode (Bluetooth): It enable to make or receive call and send or get message via Bluetooth.
Network Mode (Sim Card inserted): It enable to make or receive call and send or get message via the sim card.

Model: M8
Applicable to the crowd: all
Commodity type: smart Watch
Operating system:Android5.1
Camera: 3 million pixels
Surface treatment: Material 316 Metal case and Leather
CPU:MTK6572 Cortex A7, Dual Core, 1.3GHz
Memory: 1GB+8GB Vmaximum support 32GB TF Card
Bluetooth: Ver 4.0/3.0
Battery: 600mAh lithium polymer battery
Touch screen:Capacitive touch screen, full fit process
SMS: local SMS; SMS Bluetooth synchronization push
Entertainment: MP3/MP4B local player, Bluetooth music player
Display: 1.54 inch TFT Ultra HD LCD resolution: 320x320 pixel

- 1x smart watch
- 1x USB Cable
- 1x User Manual

1.This watch is more suitable for Android phone than iPhone, so we recommend that you should note your phone model before your purchase.
2.Please open the rear cover and put the battery into the base according to the arrow of direction mark.
3.This smart watch is specified for IPX 67 waterproof standard! It doesn't support depth diving like swimming or being soaked in the water.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #113374 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Imacwear
  • Product Features
  • HD Display: 1.54" TFT LCD Touch Screen. Touch screen is responsive , 3.0MP front camera can obtain high-resolution images,you can get perfect record collection instantly and never miss any beautiful detail.
  • High Configuration: With the latest Android 5.1 OS which supports most of popular applications and more Android Phones. Supports GSM850/900/1800/1900 network. Support IEEE WIFI 802.11 /n b/g, there is free WiFi when you can connect to Surf the Internet.
  • Outdoor Sports Assistant?Built-in heart rate monitoring, always let you keep a good state of motion. Supporting ultra precision GPS positioning, for your safe provide umbrella, refused to lose.
  • Multi Function: Bluetooth synchronize cell phone, text messaging, sleep monitoring, data transmission and reception , sedentary reminder, running step counter, music player, video recording and other functions, is the perfect choice for fashion people.
  • Large Battery Capacity: 600mAh Battery capacity ,can support calls for up to six hours, 8 hours of music playback, super long standby for 72 hours.
  • Customer Reviews

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    5I freakin' love it , except for the charger.
    By Leroy Scandal
    Please Imacwear, I beg you to use a standard micro usb charger.
    That is literally my only complaint.
    The battery life is about a day and half, and that's with me playing
    music on it for hours with bluetooth headphones.
    I had a gear s2 3g and it would last about 8 hours under the same use.

    There are a dozen other smartwatches collecting dusk on my shelf now,
    I wear this one constantly.

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    3Lots of potential, too many deal-breakers
    By DrDan
    I was really hoping that this smartwatch was the perfect combination of capabilities and form factor. Instead, I found a few flaws that eventually led me to return it to Amazon - thanks for taking it back!

    Here are the pros and cons:


    1. The unit had a lot of memory and even had room for an SD card. I could put all my music on it with room to spare.
    2. It seemed to work with all the Android apps I put on it - Pandora, CleanUI, Button remapper, Search Settings, etc. These definitely made it more usable than it came out of the box.
    3. It worked with Wifi and Bluetooth - I used wifi to load apps and could use BT headphones to listen to music.
    4. The screen was relatively clear given its tiny size.
    5. It was easy to install the sim card - only the SD card required the removal of the back with eyeglass screwdriver (not provided).


    1. Battery charging and life. This was a deal-breaker. I would leave it to charge overnight and then the unit was "off" in the morning. The odd nature of the charging block also made it unclear whether the unit was actually charging. (And you can't get any more of them if you want to charge in the car or at work - you've got to drag it with you everywhere!). Pressing the "on" button might not have any effect OR it might turn it on - you never knew which. The battery level seemed to fluctuate - it was only reliable at the extremes, but even then it wasn't a very reliable indicator of actual life left from the charge. Leaving wifi or bt on was a curse; the unit wouldn't last very long at all.
    2. The leather band. I wanted to use this partly as a pedometer while walking or jogging. My wrist isn't very large despite being a male - and it was nearly impossible to reach the holes in the strap to sufficiently tighten it. It tended to slosh all around due in part to the very stiff nature of the band. This lead to the next problem.
    3. The weight. This thing weighs 85 grams. Lighter ones weight around 60-70 grams. While that might seem like a lot, it is if your arm is moving while exercising (and the band doesn't fit well).
    4. Watchfaces are few and can't be upgraded.
    5. Touchscreen was not easy to work. I found it almost impossible to swipe left from the watchface; rather, it was easier to go up and then swipe left. A troublesome inconvenience.
    6. There was no way to wake up the watch just by turning your wrist towards your face - this wasn't present as an option.
    7. Another dealbreaker - I couldn't reliably get ATT service in Annapolis where I live. This unit has ATT's 1900 wcdma band, and it worked here and there. It didn't work at home though and generally the service was hit and miss. Imagine if you were in a conversation and got interrupted every few blocks. Remember that the GSM 2G bands are all disappearing from the world ATT by January, so having effective 3G coverage is essential. Unfortunately, very few Chinese smartwatch makers are including both the 850 and 1900 bands - usually it's one or the other plus 2100 (which is great for Europe!). Obviously, someone in China would be making a LOT of money just by adding US bands to their phones, especially if they are being sold as "unlocked" and marketed in the US through Amazon.

    Thus, my suggestion is that if all of the items above don't worry you, take a chance. But my advice is to make sure about your core needs and how well the shortcomings associated with this watch will come to haunt you...

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    1No sensor.. After 2 weeks, the watch ...
    By kmr
    No sensor..
    After 2 weeks, the watch is completely dead !!

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