Apple Watch Band Replacement; Kartice Genuine Leather Loop Watch Band Strap With Magnetic Closure for for Apple Watch iwatch & Sport & Edition 2015 Release New Apple Watch color:Bright Blue&38mm
Apple Watch Band Replacement; Kartice Genuine Leather Loop Watch Band Strap With Magnetic Closure for for Apple Watch iwatch & Sport & Edition 2015 Release New Apple Watch color:Bright Blue&38mm
Manufacturer : Kartice
Amazon Price : $11.99
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Avg. Customer Rating:3 of 5.0
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Product Description
Third Part product, Non OEM ,Special designed for Apple Watch 2015!
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #129110 in Single Detail Page Misc
  • Color: Bright Blue&38mm
  • Brand: Kartice
  • Product Features
  • High quality, soft genuine leather guarantees a more comfortable wearing;excels at sweat and water proofing; long service life
  • it is fully magnetic infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Unibody Design with Connection Adapter Plug&Play, no extra accessories needed
  • Keeps your Apple Watch secure while running, dancing, or working out
  • the Bands are third part products, Non-OEM,please don't make payment if you mind this.
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    2Too man gaps between links
    By Dale
    Nice material, the black actually color matches my space grey. I give it a 2 because the links have gaps once it's on the wrist. It's not as noticeable from a distance, but I can see it since it's right there in my wrist. The biggest gaps are right after the first links. Shipping took 10 days, which is actually fast, considering it came from China

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    4Buy this band.
    By Amazon Customer
    I decided to wait a little over a month before writing this review, to see how the band stood up over time. Overall I must say that I was very pleased. The band comes in a square box pictured below, which is not as exciting as getting it with one of the nice plastic cases that Apple's bands include, but certainly an improvement over some of the cheaper plastic-wrap packaging I've seen from third party bands. It includes the band, a tool, and some little metal bars as replacements for the ones in the band. Despite what I'd heard from some people, changing out the links is a breeze and you'll want to do so since the band comes pretty large. Inserting the band into the Apple Watch isn't as easy as it is with Apple's bands, the connections are much more snug, and you'll have to do so carefully to avoid scratching anything. When I got mine, one of the two plastic buttons that connects the band to the Apple Watch was stuck and the band would not lock into place there. Pouring a little rubbing alcohol over it and leaving it alone for a couple of hours remedied the problem quickly. Once the band is in, it fits really well. I was worried that the connections would be slightly too big or too small as I've seen this on other third party bands, but the connections were flush here (see picture of the front facing Apple Watch). The locking clasp on the band is quite easy to use and it makes the band look like there is no locking clasp when you put it on, which I initially thought I wouldn't like since I wanted something as close to the Apple band as possible, but I ended up liking the uninterrupted look a lot. One gripe that you may have with the band is that the pieces in-between the links are not painted black, if you have a small wrist, the band will wrap around your wrist in a way that makes this visible and you'll see little pieces of silver in-between the black. This bugged me the first couple of days but I got over it and most people don't even notice unless you point it out. Overall the construction of the band seems relatively tough, I have gone running and skateboarding with it and it has never come apart or fallen off my wrist. I did a test where I tried to shake it off by violently jerking my arm for a solid minute and it didn't come off. However, if you put a lot of pressure on the band (for example by giving someone an exceptionally hard hug) one of the bolts may pop loose (see picture below). This is easy to fix if you have something to push the bolt back in with, and a pain otherwise. Fortunately the band comes with some replacement bolts and sometimes swapping those out prevents the problem. Over all the look and feel of the band is quite wonderful, the black color really complements the Space Gray on the watch. The finish on the links doesn't accentuate smudges and that's a huge plus since the band always looks sharp and clean. Most people who see it mistake it for Apple's link band (I've even had an Apple Store employee think this). The band will feel much heavier than most of the other bands you might use. On days when I use the leather band or the sport band, I occasionally scramble to see if my watch is still on my wrist because of how light the watch is with those bands by comparison. However, the weight does not get in the way of wearing the band. The band holds up well over time. I haven't had anything break or start to come apart yet and it's been well over a month. There are some spots were the links have worn, but this hasn't been a problem since it's on a part of the band that I never look at and the wear is so slight that you for the most part have to look for it to find it. I've pictured the worst of the wear that I've seen below. Overall, I would say buy this band. For what it costs its an excellent alternative to Apple's link band. I've given it four stars because I feel that there is some room for improvement. The metal in-between the links would certainly benefit from being painted black as well, the occasional faulty bar is a bit of a hassle, and it would be so nice to get some kind of case with it. However, these are not deal breakers, just improvements that would be nice to have, improvements I would be willing to pay more for.

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    1Looks great but doesn't actually fit the watch!
    By Paul Pelow
    Looks great but doesn't actually fit the watch! The bands don't slide into the Apple Watch, and I requested a replacement but the replacement has the same problem. Their quality control is lacking or nonexistent. The bands are not machined to the correct specification for proper fit into the Apple Watch. They should slide smoothly into place with a subtle "click" when centered. These slide about an 1/8" and become stuck/wedged. At the risk of damaging my Stainless Steel Apple Watch, I quickly removed but made multiple attempts with same result. Will try for a third band but it's not looking good. Will modify/update my review if my luck changes.

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