FanTEK 42mm Apple Watch Band S/M, Sports Silicone Replacement Wrist Strap for iWatch Series 1 Series 2, Antique White
Product Description

Product Features:
This product is sold exclusively by FanTEK store
100% brand new and high quality, Colorful and Personalized
Ideal replacement with much lower price compared to the original
Pin-and-tuck closure
Multicolor are available for different occasion
An ideal gift for your family, friends and yourself
38MM S/M Size: Suitable for 5.1"-7.1" (130mm-180mm) wrist
38MM M/L Size: Suitable for 5.9"-7.9" (150mm-200mm) wrist
42MM S/M Size: Suitable for 5.5"-7.5" (140mm-190mm) wrist
42MM M/L Size: Suitable for 6.3"-8.3" (160mm-210mm) wrist
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Product Details
  • Size: 42MM-S/M
  • Color: Antique White
  • Brand: FanTEK
  • Dimensions: .79" h x 8.27" w x 81.10" l,
  • Product Features
  • Refined replacement for Apple Watch 42mm models 2015 Series 1 & 2016 Series 2, Not Fit for 38mm Versions
  • S/M Size: Suitable for 5.5"-7.5" (140mm-190mm) wrist
  • Band comes with watch lugs on both ends, easy to install and remove
  • Soft silicone with smooth finish for a sporty look
  • Package included: 1 x 42mm S/M Band. Smart Watch and other accessories are Not Included. More bands are available, please search "FanTEK Watch Band"
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Cocoa color! Different, clean, professional
    By Jeff Yosh
    I purchased this band for my Sport Gold 42mm Apple Watch in cocoa (brown) because I wanted a comfortable, durable, professional strap that I could wear to work that would match my brown leather accessories (belt, shoes, etc.). Up until now I've been using a third party milanese loop strap that matches my sport gold watch face (which I love), but I wanted to try something different. This is the first time I've seen a silicone strap in a darker brown, and there aren't too many photos posted on the quality or color. So I wasn't too sure what to expect, but at $8.88, why not? I've attached several photos to help anyone else on the fence about purchasing this band in the cocoa color.

    Color: The cocoa color is fairly muted, putting it somewhere between brown and charcoal gray.

    Attachments: Both ends of the strap lock easily and securely into place. The hold feels very sturdy and is centered. From my photos, you can see that the sides are perfectly flush with the watch. From the side view, there appears to be a VERY slight gap between the strap and the slot of the watch face, but it's nothing that anyone else would notice.

    Material: Like most other reviews point out, the silicone of this third party band is slightly thinner than the on brand Apple band. That being said, it still feels like quality material that will last a while and is pleasant to the touch. The button is a dull silver. I do have the Sport Gold watch casing, but there is no gold option for these straps, so the silver will have to suffice. Luckily only the tiny pin shows during wear, so it doesn't really bother me. A small amount of lint does seem to stick to the strap. However, that is to be expected from anything made of silicone, especially when it is a darker color, which makes it easier to see the lint.

    Size: FanTEK has you select whether you want the S/M or the M/L sized strap. I know some third party vendors provide both sizes of the silicone band with every purchase, but this one only provides one or the other. That being said, I am a male, 5'10", 163 lbs, with an athletic build. My wrist is about 7 inches in circumference, so I purchased the M/L sized band. I have to use the second tightest notch, so there is plenty of room for me should I gain some weight. See my attached photo for the length of the strap when attached to the 42mm watch face.

    Conclusion: I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. While the color is slightly muted, I do like the brown and it contrasts very nicely with my Gold Sport watch face. It looks clean and professional, in a color I've never seen before. It feels comfortable, much like the Apple silicone straps that cost like four times the price. And as far as I can tell, the material feels strong and durable, and will probably last a good amount of time. (Note: I will update this review should anything change regarding lint, durability, etc.)

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    5As long as you are using original S/M
    By K. Joseph
    Cannot really tell the different with originals ... honestly.

    This set is the exact size of the S/M ... was concern when I bought them since they do not include the larger option as a back-up. If you are using the original S/M then you will be fine, else this is not for you.

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    4You get what you pay for
    By Curtis Potter
    Let's all be honest we know this is subpar watch bands, there's a reason why the OEM version cost quite a bit more. For casual use this is adequate. For every day use don't count on high-quality or lasting long. The color is nice and it looks decent but don't give me wrong it's definitely not Apple by any means. No one will probably be able to tell but you'll know what you're wearing

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