Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses (US Edition)
Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses (US Edition)
Manufacturer : Epson
Amazon Price : $699.99
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Product Description
Enhance Your World with a New Standard in Wearable Technology. Get ready for the next generation of augmented reality platforms - the BT-200 from Epson, the world leader in projection technology. These binocular, transparent smart glasses open up a whole new world in entertainment, manufacturing, medical science and more. Unlike competitive models, each lens has its own display, right in your field of vision, projected into your surroundings. And, the BT-200 boasts 2x the virtual screen size, at a remarkably affordable price. These lightweight glasses work out-of-the-box with Bluetooth and other technology, plus most Android apps. With a front-facing camera and motion tracker, the BT-200 is a premier development platform for apps of the future and hands-free scenarios, delivering large, 2D or 3D images, front and center - virtually anywhere.
Product Details
  • Brand: Epson
  • Model: V11H560020
  • Dimensions: 3.00" h x 9.00" w x 11.25" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • From the world leader in projection technology - enjoy content in private while still experiencing the real world with the BT-200's innovative micro-projection and see-through imaging technology.
  • Binocular, transparent, wearable display - view content, front and center, on a "floating" 80-inch perceived screen.
  • Customer Reviews

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    2The glasses themselves are cool, and the image is acceptable
    By doctech
    I don't write many Amazon Reviews but this product was so infuriating that it made me sit down and review so others don't make my same mistake. I bought the BT-200's to use with my phantom with my galaxy tab s to mirror the screen. The glasses themselves are cool, and the image is acceptable. But when trying to mirror thats when things get complicated. You basically have two versions, the developer and retail versions, this is not by the way in any way shape or form explained in the website or amazon. You need to make a big decision when you buy them, the developer version allows to sidled apps BUT DOES NOT LET YOU MIRROR, the retail version lets you MIRROR but NOT side load apps, Although there might be a good reason behind this this should be advertised.

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    2Not so great, maybe they will improve, careful I would wait till epson is selling and not a developers edition,
    By Jefferson N Parker
    I bought these glasses to use with my dji phantom 2 vision + I found it hard to get the usb port debugged and the vision plus software i finally loaded directly from a connection to the DJI app, the glasses have a very hard time connecting to the store to buy apps, they do not stay connect to the phantom through wifi and i just do not feel safe using them at all because of that connecton lost, thevieo is kinda sketchy anyway as is the video on the cinamizer goggles, it just seems like this technology is not quite there yet i am going to hope that they fix the software and hardware with future updates i maybe need a new touch screen cause thing does not work right at all it is almost impossble to scroll, My thing is be careful who you buy through had i not been sick I would have returned these to amazon right away as they where used by a japanes developer and they where not in good shape. oh well live and learn

    13 of 15 people found the following review helpful.
    5this is my first pair of smart glasses. As I look through the screen
    By Air orne
    Just received my new Epson Moverio BT-200 glasses today. Done a lot of research before I made the purchase and would have to say, the first time I put them on I was blown away. Keeping in mind, this is my first pair of smart glasses. As I look through the screen, I could hear my voice echoing in the room saying "you got be be kidding me, these things are on point". The main reason for the purchase was to be use with my Dji Phantom 2 vision (FPV). With the light tinted shade I am able to walk around my home, see what I am doing and still able to manipulate what I want to see on the screen. If you are thing about purchasing a pair, go for it because I am a believer of the old saying "seeing is believing" and I have to give Epson a thumbs up on this one. Thanks and I will see you on the other side of my screen.

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