LED Peace Sign - Wearable Glow-in-the-dark Electronic Art - USB Powered
LED Peace Sign - Wearable Glow-in-the-dark Electronic Art - USB Powered
Manufacturer : Create Lights
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Product Description
The LED Peace Sign is an awesome and unique piece of hardware unlike anything else you've ever seen before. We would call it jewelry, but we struggle to because it is so much more than that! The peace sign is designed to be used as a pendant, but it can also be strapped to a backpack, handheld, hung on the wall, or used in just about any other way you can think of. The peace sign is made with state-of-the-art LEDs that are computer controlled and can display millions of different colors. The peace sign is literally a mobile light show! Each peace sign comes programmed with 10 dazzling patterns that are easily controlled with buttons on the back of the device. The patterns range from calm, mellow, and beautiful to vibrant, hypnotic, and raving. There is also a brightness adjustment button so you can fly under the radar or be the life of the party!

See it in action here:

The LED Peace Sign is powered by micro USB. This is the same USB style you find on just about any Andriod phone and tons of other electronic devices. The USB power is awesome because you can power it off your computer, out of the wall, or with a portable USB battery stick.

The peace sign is perfect for occasions like:
Sporting events
Nights out on the town

The pendant itself is made from a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and features RGB LEDs, microcontrollers, and other fancy Integrated Circuits. The LEDs can display 16 million different colors and are individually controlled by a miniature computer attached to every pendant!

Every pendant comes pre-loaded with software that animates 10 incredible light shows, named here:
Circular Rainbow
Music Meter (Vu)
Magic Stack
Double Rainbow
Circular Rainbow Alternate
Product Details
  • Brand: Create Lights
  • Product Features
  • Computer-controlled RGB LED lighting display
  • Ideal for use at festivals, shows, sporting events, and nights out on the town
  • Features 10 unique color patterns from mellow to vibrant
  • Adjustable brightness to fit light level to your environment
  • MicroUSB powered and portable
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