findy pendant to find your phone, keys, etc., iOS and Android compatible
findy pendant to find your phone, keys, etc., iOS and Android compatible
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Product Description
findy keys helps you find your important stuff quickly and easily. Those could be things like keys, wallet, mobile, purse and anything you can imagine. findy signals its location to the mobile phone and vice versa, if you lose your mobile, but have findy in hand you can just press the button in the middle and hear your phone sing. Its mobile application is available on App Store and Google Play free of charge. Its small and sleek (only 53x30x8 mm, 2,1x1,18x0,31 in) and can be attached to anything you need to keep close. You can bring it everywhere, its waterproof and dustproof (findy will not work underwater but you should not worry if you spill a glass of water on it). Its battery lasts about a year without charging or replacement, after that you could send your findy back to us and get a new one on half price. findy is working at maximum distance of 20 meters (66 ft.), also it is sending notifications to your smartphone if you are about to forget it. Also there is a graph on the mobile application showing how far you are from your findy in any moment. A person can have as many devices as he/she wish on one account and the price for ordering more than one goes less and less. find(y) our valuable items today! *Shipping to European countries only.
Product Details
  • Brand: findy
  • Model: ST1
  • Dimensions: 1.18" h x .31" w x 2.09" l, .2 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Attach findy to your valuable items and never waste time looking for them again!
  • Get notification on your mobile when you get closer or go far from findy.
  • Waterproof and dustproof.
  • find(y) your stuff today!
  • iOS and Android compatible.
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