7 Ares Smart Ring Gold -White (M1 Size 10)
7 Ares Smart Ring Gold -White (M1 Size 10)
Manufacturer : 7
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Product Description

The Ares range of Smart Rings are beautifully crafted jewelry rings made from 925 sterling silver which also act as a notification hub for your finger, delivering updates when you have new text messages, email, calendar events and incomming calls. The ring also alerts you everytime you leave your smart phone behind, keeping you from loosing it. The Ares also comes with the revolutionary Simple-Tap SOS feature which lets you reach out to your loved ones with just a few simple taps on the Ring. Features like water/dust resistance, dedicated smartphone app and wireless charging make the Ares the best culmination of technology and fashion to this day.

Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #4961 in Boost
  • Size: 10
  • Color: Gold - White
  • Brand: 7
  • Model: 7 Ares Smart Ring M1 Size 10
  • Released on: 2016-07-15
  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x .50" w x 1.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • Smart notification
  • Out of range (Anti-Lost) notification
  • Emergency call
  • Dust & waterproof
  • Wireless charging
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    37 of 40 people found the following review helpful.
    2Good start but needs more work
    By Rhonda
    I liked the silver band on ring. I ordered the white "stone". The "stone" on the ring is white white (I thought the picture with the description tried to make it look a little pearlized but it is not). The "stone" looks like a piece of chewing gum. The color notifications appear in the middle of the "stone" which was fine with me (with other smart ring makers the color notifications appear on the side). The ring has a short range of maybe 30 feet so the out-of-range notification came on frequently but it did work each time. The ring had a strong vibration when it was connected. Which leads me to why I returned the ring. The ring would unpair from my phone several times a day. The description states it is dust and waterproof but whenever I washed my hands with the ring on, it would lose connectivity with my phone and I would have to pair it again. I never used it so I can't speak of the functionality but the emergency call feature seems like a great feature that other smart rings do not have. I did like the wireless charging box.

    42 of 45 people found the following review helpful.
    2Great Concept. Beautiful Design and Quality. Dumb Ring. Needs Some more intuitive functionality.
    By Ari
    I really wanted to love this ring. I was so so excited for it. Its best feature is that it is waterproof where the rest in the smart ring world is not and it's actually a pretty nice design (minus the plain white/pink square they call a "stone").

    However, here are some things that I notice right off the bat. The app does not look like it does in the demo video. I was excited to choose from 7ish different colors and my app/ring show only 4 (and plain ole' white isn't 1 of them?) While marketing calls it an amazingly simple interface app, I would like to correct that into un-functionally simple and unimpressive at best. No notifications for a simple alarm? Nope.

    And I want to know who thinks the SOS function is great. The CONCEPT of the SOS feature is fantastic. The actual functionality of it not so much. The instructions say that you can customize the message to your SOS contact (only 1 contact? For true SOS functionality, that is putting all your eggs in one basket. Risky). Alas, you CANNOT customize the message.
    The bigger flaw. HOW DO YOU ACTIVATE THE SOS? "With just a few simple taps..." says the marketing copy on Amazon. So if I take "few" as a literal translation, does that mean 3? Quick taps? Slow solid taps? There are no instructions for activation of this feature on the website, the app or in the mini instruction booklet.
    In reality, the true SOS functionality works like this: 1.Spam the hell out of tapping the stone (the way you would in a panic emergency). 20-30 taps later it might work. 2. Just go about your day by doing normal activities like typing, doing laundry, or driving over a few road bumps and it guaranteed sends an SOS signal. On the plus side it sends the text message out in 0.0001 secs flat. Pretty responsive. But I don't know if that's network function or not.
    The positive is that the buzz is pretty strong. The flash is pretty bright. The Sterling silver is a nice inclusion. It does what it's supposed to when someone calls, texts etc. You have the option of buzz or not buzz with 4 different colors. So I suppose that makes 16 different combos. But not enough for VIP specific alerts, social media, and phone function. The remote camera function is a bit touch and go but still works. Very beautiful ring with a few very very simple notification features. Still a loooooong ways away from what I would consider a "Smart Ring".

    Oh, please put some iridescent/facet quality on the stone in future design please. It does look like a piece of gum. It's like wearing denim overalls with lots of diamonds. It just looks like a strange fashion statement.

    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
    4I think it's pretty! It didn't come with instructions either
    By Maggie Mae
    How can I return the ring? My granddaughter hates it! I think it's pretty!
    It didn't come with instructions either .

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