VIGICA Virtual Reality Headset 3d Video VR Glasses Head Mount Plastic Version for 3D Movies Games 3.5-6 inch phone with Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Gamepad for Google Cardboard
Product Description

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Bluetooth support android system, iphone IOS syetem under 9.1 version.
Optical axis changeable:Perfect fit the pupil distance between 53mm-72mm,and mobile of different size.This can make the viewing more relaxed and avoid the fatigue after the long time use of this glasses.

Fully enclosed design to avoid the leak of outer light,for the best immersive experience: we covered the interface with sponge,even the USB device and earphone is plugged in,it can avoid the leak of outer light,this is our special design.

Observation windows design: when you are playing some VR games,you might need to turn around and move,the observation windows are used to watch the "The real world" to avoid any possible hitting or falling down.
RIEM2 is special design for myopia users: the side sponge is left blank for the space of earstems.There is no pressure when you wearing both the glasses and RIEM2.

Face Protector:High Density Sponge Protect
Lens:Aspherical lens
Controller: bluetooth gamepad

3D glasses: 3D Glasses Glass for iPhone Samsung HTC Cellphones

Phone Bluetooth Wireless Mouse/Remote Control Can work with Android, Windows,IOS

How to use:
1. Play a side by side videoor VR game on your phone

2. Put your phone at the centre of the cover and push tight.

3. Close the cover and put RIEM2 on

Package: 1pcs Virtual II glasses, 1 pcs Phone Bluetooth Wireless game controller,1pcs Magnet controller, 1pcs gift box
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #117881 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Brand: VIGICA
  • Model: Virtual RITECH II
  • Dimensions: .51" h x 1.22" w x 2.87" l, .4 pounds
  • Product Features
  • One second change your phone into VR cinema,just one step to VR world, let you enjoy 3D world at anywhere and anytime
  • IPD Fitness:53mm-72mm,comfortable headband,Super face foam protector,ideal heat radiating design
  • High level finish/material,high-density comfort Sponge, Expert Non-Spherical Lens,Expert Phone suck pad,magnet slide control,Earphone/power jack space
  • You can wear your glasses with 3d glasses, adjust the optical axis of the lens(not focus), fit phone size from 3.5 inch -6.0 all phone.Bluetooth game controller self-timer,small but beatiful,exquisite design,perfectly compatible,easy to manage.
  • RIEM 2 is compatible for all the mobile VR resources,search VR or some other related keyword on Google Play or APP store.if you use Galaxy S5, since its back is not smooth, it won't stay stuck to the suction part, so using a smooth plastic phone case will be helpful
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    2it does connect and some of the buttons do random things but mostly useless with any of the vr apps
    By Lance Cain
    the remote does not work with any of the control profiles in the s6, it does connect and some of the buttons do random things but mostly useless with any of the vr apps. the headset has somewhat of a focusing capability but is virtually useless. even with a larger phone the viewing angle is horrible. while then lens allow for a good viewing angle... it would take a 7" or larger lcd to actually get a good view angle. the lenses are plastic but are oddly good quality for being plastic. depending on your phone you will get a little light around it but it's tolerable, you will see the home back etc buttons lit up. the nfc works very well. the strap even at max length can be a little short if you have a larger head.

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    2Not the easiest to line up correctly. Not for S3
    By Brian C Burdin
    Instructions for the controller could not have been more confusing. I tried reading them b4 using it and just gave up thinking I'll try out the headset and have some fun and figure that thing out later. Wrong. I have a Galaxy S3 and the magnet doesn't work with it and when you try to line it up there's no real point to adjust it to. It took forever to get it lined up. And it still showed the line for the settings on Google cardboard. But i just ended up getting so frustrated that I gave up and let my fiance d**k with it. It wouldn't line up perfectly with YouTube videos but she did watch a couple b4 giving up and going to bed. I have 1 of those View Masters my daughter got for Christmas. That's why It got 1 I thought it was awesome. But with the View Master it has a clamp that you lock your phone into and you can adjust it to fit right. Plus it also has a Q.R code to scan for cardboard. Which this 1 doesn't. And the button on the side to activate the touchscreen. Plus the View Master is a lot more sturdy. This thing is flimsy to say the least. It is very light. Actually too light I think. It really feels cheap in your hands. I really thought I was getting a good deal until I got them. But if your looking for cheap. You got it. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. And recommend you really do your homework b4 buying a VR headset. It'll probably cost more but it probably a lot better to go with a popular brand-name.

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    3You get what you pay for.
    By Amazon Customer
    Bought this for use with my iPhone 6. I was originally worried about the comfort with all of the reviews talking about the nose piece being painful but I have had no problems in that regard. Partially because my nose seems to fit perfectly and partially because I can only use the headset for about a minute and a half at a time. The reason for this is the way it holds the phone. On the door of the headset is a grid of small suction cups that you press your device onto to hold it in place. These suction cups work great for about 90 seconds, then the phone starts to slide. Interestingly enough it's always the top end of the phone (which ends up being the left side when turned sideways) that slides down. This is arguably worse than the whole device sliding at the same time because once the two halves of the screen are misaligned the entire "VR" effect is ruined and you're left with an image that makes you feel like you've had 3 pints too many.

    Also, the "controller" they include in this set is completely useless. It only functions as a home button, which just exits you out of any VR app you're running.

    Overall, I paid a 3 star price and got a 3 star product so I can't complain too much. If you're planning on using one of these for longer than a couple minutes at a time then I'd advise you spend a bit more for a better product.

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