Bong Buy 3D VR Headset Glasses Virtual Reality Bluetooth Touch Button Control 3D VR Glasses for 3D Movies Video Games,for iPhone7/7Plus, Samsung S7/S6 series,LG G3/G4/G5/V10, Nexus,pixel L/XL (Green)
Product Description

Lens parameters: optical glass diameter 38mm, focal length 40,110 ° ultra-wide-angle lens coating
Total weight: 555g
Product weight: 403g
Product packaging size: 20 * 14 * 13CM
Product size: 19.2 * 10.3 * 13CM
Product Details
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Bong Buy
  • Product Features
  • Physical Keys Touch The Mouse to Control The Phone:Don't take off the VR can directly control the phone, finger touch control phone, you can watch the video playback fast forward and rewind, volume addition and subtraction, fixed point of view, mute, pause, brightness addition and subtraction, menu selection and other functions, Operation is more simple and convenient. Supports Apple and Android systems.
  • Improved Special Custom Lenses:Optical special 4.0 optical lens to enhance the visual experience, a fundamental solution to the traditional plastic resin lens - distortion (distortion of the screen), low light transmission, dizziness, optical algorithm error and the short life of the lens cracking shortcomings, with you into the real Optical VR world, experience 3D virtual reality.
  • More Utility Model Patent Design:Original magnetic adsorption panel, convenient installation and removal, while solving mobile phone cooling and wearing hot! One-button IPD, focal length adjustment function - through IPD and object distance adjustment function, to meet the different IPD users and myopia 700 degrees below the user's naked eye viewing requirements! Powerful compatibility Universal models 4-inch 6-inch all models of mobile phones.
  • Multi-functional Openings Design: All the openings on the headset are better for heat dispation; the holes on the front cover are made for camera exposing. You can use the camera to see the outside scenes via some Apps "like Fulldive VR"; the side holes are also made for earphone and usb cable inserting.
  • The whole visor detaches and gives easy access to your smartphone.
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