VR VR glasses mirror smart BOX head-mounted glasses 3D glasses , black
VR VR glasses mirror smart BOX head-mounted glasses 3D glasses , black
Manufacturer : ZiKi
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Product Description
Product name: 3D VR
Article number: VR BOX
Material: resin + ABS+ leather
Display size: 35 (inches)
Video input: cell phones
Resolution: 1080
Supported phones: 4.7-6.0 inch
Category: head-mounted display devices
Applicable people: General
Digital glasses features: television
Quality: 340g
Color: white, black
VRPARK 3D glasses feature:
* Original adsorption-type panels, comfort cooling. Simple and convenient installation take, solves the problem of wearing sultry and mobile heat sink.
* Gently take absorption Panel, open the camera phone in, wear head-mounted camera of the second movement.
* Support for myopia, and we all know that sometimes we all have a left and right eye diopter is different, exclusive support left and right mirror can be adjusted.
Leather eye mask * head contact, high quality leather. More comfortable than the average sponge material even more upscale.
* Support a versatile focal length and distance regulation
* Mobile phones into more convenient, centered around the screen. Support 4.7-6 inch cell phone into the small mobile phone viewing.
Product Details
  • Brand: ZiKi
  • Model: ZK-446246
  • Product Features
  • Product name: 3D VR
  • Material: resin + ABS+ leather
  • Video input: cell phones
  • Supported phones: 4.7-6.0 inch
  • Quality: 340g
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