VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D Video Movie Game Glasses For 4.7~6 inch IOS Android Smartphones iPhone 6 plus Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Adjustable Focal Distance Pupil Distance
Product Description
The position of phone can be moved at any time even while watching movies or playing games, it is convenient to make sure the middle lines of phone and glasses overlap. Adjustable distance between cell phone and lens,suitable for different people,adjustable to every user. Suitable for Android and IOS smartphones that screen between 4.7~6 inches.The maximum size of your phone can be installed: Length is 6.42 IN, Width is 3.27 IN. 360 degree panoramic views ; Easy to use touch controls Pupil and focal distance can be adjusted with one button to get the best 3D experience and satisfy different groups of people.
Product Details
  • Color: black and white
  • Brand: Shopy fun
  • Product Features
  • Support 3D side by side video
  • The 3D glasses is made of environment-friendly ABS and resin. Fully closed design.
  • Adjustable distance between cell phone and lens. Suitable for different people,adjustable to every user.
  • Suitable for 4.7-6.1 inches cell phones-- no more robust moive. Marvelous 3D experience.
  • With 3D glass, you can enjoy the same 3D experience at home with your beloved phone. For Android + IOS phone: the system doesn't need to be tethered to any exterior hardware,as all processors to drive the 3D experience are already built-in in most phones, which means you have absolute freedom of movement and are not restricted to any cables. It lets you wander around experiencing virtual reality in all its beautiful 3D glory so now you can enjoy private 3D movies with an Android or IOS phone.
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